Canada’s premier extraction and processing facilities for CBD and THC.

Extraction Services

TruExtracts is currently looking for customers who do not want to invest the time, labor, or money in their own extraction system but want to increase the value of their hemp biomass by turning it into a clean, rich, high cannabinoid oil or isolate powder.

TruExtracts can processes your hemp or cannabis biomass, and convert it into crude oil, distillate or isolate. We can also take your oil and refine to distillate or isolate, or remediate your CBD to remove THC.  Soon to be offering various solvent free extraction technologies and product capabilities. Contact us for more information or inquiries.

Processing Services

TruExtracts can assist with bringing your product to market, or assist with a place for you to bring your expertise in to create products in the 2.0 and edibles space. We can also help with white label services, currently making gummies, pre-rolls, and infused chocolate products. Contact us for more information or inquiries.

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