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Things are starting to roll at TruExtracts! Check back frequently for news.

2021 – September

Cannastreams extraction and lab equipment starting to show up.

Spaced Food (non-infused) promotional boxes ready to go.

2021 – August

Room 2 equipment set up and being tested. Chocolate depositor running perfectly testing on various products.

2021 – July

Equipment being set up, and production run testing commencing. Spaced Food ‘Strawberry Sorbet’ in room 3 has successful process tests.

2021 – June

TruExtracts is purchased by Gaia Grow Corp. allowing us to streamline our vertical integration from biomass to extracts on our way to becoming one of Canada’s lowest cost producers.

2021 – May

Chocolate line starting to arrive. This will eventually be a 35′ chocolate enrober, infuser, and cooling tunnel to create some of the tastiest 2.0’s you’ve ever seen!

2021 – April

Vac ovens starting to be set up. What do you make in a vac oven? Stay tuned to find out!

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